The Most Technologically Advanced Fluid End

Kerr Pumps’ patent-pending Frac One CONNECT Fluid End will bolt right up to your existing stay rods with a more rigid, flangeless design.

Frac One CONNECT is the best fluid end we have ever manufactured, and ships with these technologies:

Super Stainless II

The strongest stainless steel ever used for a Frac Fluid End.

Super Seal Design

Replaceable stuffing box sleeves with all seals embedded into the fluid end to prevent washouts.

Tungsten Super Seat

Tungsten carbide valve seats are designed to protect the fluid end from valve seat deck washouts. These seats last up to ten times longer than traditional valve seats!

Frac One System

Our patent-pending Frac One system of bolt on suction and discharge retainer caps prevent thread cracking by torquing each cylinder out of cyclic stress. Additionally, the Frac One system is safer to operate by eliminating the need for sledge hammers or hammer wrenches.

Unbelieveable Price

Get connected to the most advanced fluid end ever manufactured for just $49,995. (10” Center Quint 2500 3.75-4.50” plungers) fully loaded.